Project with underwater drilling system for oil removal from wreck is a great success

In a joint approach with Ardent Global, we have developed the tool with which Ardent has won a tender to extract the oil present from the wreck of the Manolis L. This wreck is located in Notre Dame Bay at a depth of 70 meters on the northeastern coast of New Foundland (Canada).

Ardent Global’s Hot Tap system is normally applied by means of divers. Pentacon has developed an automatic drilling system that makes it possible to install the so-called Hot Tap valves by means of an ROV at greater depth. The automatic drilling system is placed by the ROV on the hull of a shipwreck, after which it drills holes for the attachment and the removal process of the remaining fuel oil. In this way, the oil present is pumped out of the wreck tanks without any risk to the environment.

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